How To Apply Thoroseal

Thoroseal is a water-based, elastomeric sealant. It is a thick, milky liquid that dries to a hard, flexible film. Thoroseal can be applied with a brush or roller.

How To Apply Thoroseal

Thoroseal is a water-based, elastomeric sealant that is used to waterproof and weatherproof roofs, foundations, walls, and other exterior surfaces. It can be applied by brush, roller, or airless sprayer. Thoroseal cures to a tough, flexible rubber membrane that is resistant to weathering and UV damage. It is also resistant to mold and mildew.

-Thin brush or roller -Paint pan -Water -Clean cloth -Thoroseal sealant -Putty knife

  • Clean the area to be treated with a degreaser
  • Apply thoroseal to a clean cloth and rub it into the surface
  • Let the sealant dry for 24 hours
  • Reapply if necessary

Some tips on how to apply Thoroseal: -Always use a respirator and gloves when working with Thoroseal. -Make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt, dust, or other debris. -Apply Thoroseal in a thin coat using a brush or roller. -Allow the Thoroseal to dry completely before applying a second coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Mix Super Thoroseal?

There is no one exact way to mix Thoroseal, but most contractors will add the sealant to water and then stir or shake it until it is fully mixed.

How Do You Mix Thoroseal Waterproofing?

Thoroseal is mixed by weight, so it is important to have a accurate scale. The components are mixed in the following ratios: one part Thoroseal powder to three parts clean and potable water. The mixture is blended until all of the lumps are gone and it has a consistent color. It can be stored in a sealed container for up to two days.

How Much Thoroseal Do I Need?

Thoroughly seal all cracks and crevices in the foundation with Thoroseal. Apply a liberal amount to the surface and work it into the cracks using a putty knife.

In Closing

Thoroseal is a waterproof sealant that can be used to prevent water damage. It can be applied to concrete, masonry, and wood surfaces. Thoroseal is available in both a liquid and a powder form, and it is easy to apply.

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