How To Burnish A Card Scraper

A card scraper is a metalworking tool used to remove material from a workpiece by scraping it with a sharp blade. The blade is held at an angle to the workpiece, and moved back and forth across its surface.

How To Burnish A Card Scraper

Card scrapers are made of hardened steel and work like a very sharp putty knife. To sharpen a card scraper, you will need to use a grinder. First, grind the bevel on the edge of the scraper. Second, grind the edge flat. You can use a honing guide to keep the angle consistent. Finally, use a diamond stone to polish the edge.

-A card scraper -Burnishing tool (I use a diamond burnisher, but you could also use a honing rod or a piece of sandpaper on a hard flat surface) -Strop (optional, but recommended)

  • Take the card scraper in your dominant hand and hold it so that the beveled edge is facing you
  • With your other hand, take a piece of coarse sandpaper (220 grit or higher) and hold it against the

1. Card scrapers are an ideal tool for shaping and smoothing wood. 2. To burnish a card scraper, use a piece of 120 grit sandpaper and rub it back and forth across the blade on both sides. 3. Be sure to sharpen the blade before burnishing it, as this will help to create a smooth surface. 4. Burnishing the blade will help to remove any burrs or debris and will also help to keep

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Sharpen A New Card Scraper?

There are a few ways to sharpen a card scraper. One way is to use a sharpening stone to create a bevel on the edge of the scraper. Another way is to use a file to create a bevel on the edge of the scraper.

How Do You Sharpen And Burnish A Card Scraper?

To sharpen a card scraper, you can use a sharpening stone or diamond sharpener. To burnish a card scraper, you can use a burnishing tool or your fingers.

How Do You Burnish A Wood Turning Scraper?

The process of burnishing a wood turning scraper is done by rubbing the tool against a hard, smooth surface. This will create a shine on the tool and help keep it sharp.


There’s a few things you can do to help keep your card scraper effective. First, make sure that the edge is always sharp. You can do this by honing it on a sharpening stone from time to time. Second, you can “burnish” the edge of the scraper with a burnishing tool or hard surface. This will keep the edge smooth and help it stay sharp.

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