How To Cap Pex Pipe

Capping pex pipe is a process which involves the use of a cap to cover the open end of a pex pipe. The cap is used to keep the pex pipe from becoming clogged with debris and to protect it from weathering.

How To Cap Pex Pipe

When capping PEX pipe, it is important to use the right type of cap. The most common type of cap for PEX pipe is a crimp cap. However, some PEX pipes use a clamp-on cap. It is important to use the correct type of cap for your PEX pipe. To install a crimp cap, you will need a crimping tool. The crimping tool will have two dies: one for the male end of the cap and

Pex Pipe Capping Tool Teflon Tape

  • Use a hammer to hit the cap until it is securely in place
  • Place the pipe cap over the end of the pipe
  • Use a pipe cap

-If the pipe has been cut, use a pipe cutter to make a clean, even cut. -If the pipe is being capped off at a joint, use a compression fitting. If the pipe is being capped off at the end, use a cap. -Make sure that the pipe is completely clean and dry before capping it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Temporarily Cap Off A Water Line?

You can use a plug or a cap to temporarily stop the water flow.

How Do You Temporarily Cap A Water Line?

There are a few ways to temporarily cap a water line. One way is to use a plug or cap that can be fitted into the open end of the pipe. Another way is to use a piece of cloth or other material to plug the opening.

Can You Use Sharkbite Caps On Pex?

There is no definitive answer to this question as SharkBite caps can be used on either PEX or copper piping, but it is recommended that they only be used on copper piping.


Capping a PEX pipe is a relatively simple process. Cut the pipe to the desired length, and then use a crimping tool to secure the cap in place. Make sure that the cap is properly aligned before crimping it in place.

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