How To Clean Aggregate Concrete

Aggregate concrete is widely used because of its low cost, durability, and strength. However, over time it can become stained and dirty. In order to clean aggregate concrete, you will need to use a pressure washer and detergent. First, you will need to identify the areas that need to be cleaned. Next, mix the detergent with water in a bucket. using a pressure washer, begin by spraying the detergent mixture onto the concrete. Then, use the pressure was

How To Clean Aggregate Concrete

Aggregate concrete is a type of concrete that is made up of gravel, sand, and crushed stone. It is used for paving roads, driveways, and other outdoor surfaces. Like all types of concrete, aggregate concrete should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to ensure its longevity. One way to clean aggregate concrete is to use a pressure washer. First, make sure the surface is free of debris by sweeping or vacuuming it up. Then, attach the pressure

The materials needed for this project are: a pressure washer, concrete cleaner, a stiff brush, and a bucket.

  • Mix a cleaning solution of water and detergent in a bucket
  • Rinse the
  • Dip a scrub brush into the cleaning solution and scrub the concrete surface
  • Sweep the area to be cleaned to remove all loose debris

-Use a stiff broom to remove loose debris -Wet the surface and use a power washer to clean the surface-Use a degreaser if necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should You Wait To Wash Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors such as the climate, the type of aggregate used, and the sealant or coating that was applied to the concrete. In general, however, it is recommended that you wait at least 28 days before washing exposed aggregate concrete.

What Is The Best Cleaner For Exposed Aggregate?

The best cleaner for exposed aggregate is a diluted mixture of bleach and water.

What Is The Process For Exposed Aggregate?

The process for exposed aggregate begins with selecting the right stones. The stones are then cleaned and sorted by size. The smaller stones are then crushed and screened to create a consistent size for the aggregate. The larger stones are also cleaned and sorted by size. The stones are then placed in a hopper and mixed with a binder, such as cement or asphalt, to create a slurry. This slurry is then poured over a surface, such as concrete, and troweled to create a smooth finish.


Aggregate concrete can be cleaned with a pressure washer and a degreaser. The pressure washer should be set to a medium-high setting and the degreaser should be sprayed on the concrete and then scrubbed with a brush.

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