How To Dimple A Metal Door Frame

There are a few ways to dimple a metal door frame. One way is to use a rubber mallet to hit the frame in the center. Another way is to use a drill and a punch.

How To Dimple A Metal Door Frame

Dimpling a metal door frame is a simple way to add extra security to your home. By creating a small dent in the frame, it will be more difficult for someone to pry the door open. Here’s how to do it: 1. Choose a strong tool that can create a small dent in the metal frame. A hammer or crowbar will work well. 2. Position the tool at the desired spot on the frame and strike it with force. You should

-Metal door frame -Punch -Hammer -Tape measure -Pencil -level -Chisel -Rasp

  • The depth of the drill bit should be just enough to make a dent in the metal
  • Using a drill with a dimple bit, drill evenly spaced dimples into the edge of the door frame

-A metal door frame can be dimpled by using a ball peen hammer and a dolly. -The ball peen hammer should be struck against the dolly to create the dimples. -The dimples should be evenly spaced along the door frame. -The depth of the dimples should be about one-third the thickness of the metal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put A Wood Door On A Metal Frame?

Yes, you can put a wood door on a metal frame. You will need to use some type of weather-stripping to ensure that the door is properly sealed.

How Do You Dimple A Steel Door Frame?

In order to dimple a steel door frame, you can use a hammer and a chisel to make the indentations.

How Do You Install A Steel Door Frame?

There are a few steps involved in installing a steel door frame. First, the rough opening must be prepared by framing it out and attaching the header and sill. The door frame can then be installed, and the trim and hardware added.


To dimple a metal door frame, first use a hammer to indent the metal where you want the dimple. Then use a punch to drive the indentation in further.

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