How To Fix Standing Water On Concrete

If the concrete surface has a relatively low permeability, then the water will accumulate on the surface and form puddles. To avoid this, one needs to seal the concrete surface with a water repellent sealant.

How To Fix Standing Water On Concrete

There are a few ways to fix standing water on concrete. One way is to use a water pump to pump the water off of the concrete. Another way is to use a shovel to remove the water. A third way is to use a hose to spray the water off of the concrete.

-Concrete patching compound -Paintbrush -Water -Broom

  • Let the water sit for a few minutes to allow the concrete to absorb
  • Pour a small amount of water onto the concrete and use a broom to spread it around
  • Remove any objects or debris from the surface of the concrete

-Remove the water source -Drain the area -Lay down a layer of gravel -Cover the gravel with a layer of sand -Apply a sealant

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Standing Water Hurt Concrete?

There is some debate over whether standing water hurts concrete or not. Some people say that the water can weaken the concrete over time, while others say that it does not have a significant impact. Ultimately, the best way to avoid any damage is to make sure that the concrete is properly sealed and protected from moisture.

What Happens If Water Stays On Concrete?

Water can seep into the pores of concrete and cause the concrete to deteriorate. If water stays on concrete for an extended period of time, it can cause the concrete to swell and crack.

Can Standing Water Cause Foundation Problems?

Yes, standing water can cause foundation problems. When soil around a foundation becomes saturated with water, the weight of the wet soil can cause the foundation to sink or shift. This can damage the foundation and lead to cracks in the walls and floor, and even structural failure.


If there is standing water on concrete, it is important to fix the problem as soon as possible. The water can cause the concrete to deteriorate and can also lead to mold and other health problems. There are several ways to fix standing water on concrete, including draining the area, installing a French drain, or using a sump pump.

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