How To Keep Ants Out Of Patio Pavers

There are a few ways to keep ants out of patio pavers. One way is to use a sealant on the pavers to prevent them from coming up. Another way is to place a layer of pebbles or small rocks on top of the pavers. This will create a barrier between the ants and the pavers.

How To Keep Ants Out Of Patio Pavers

There are a few ways to prevent ants from entering patio pavers. One way is to use a sealant on the pavers, which will create an impermeable barrier. Another way is to create a border of sand or gravel around the perimeter of the paver patio, which will act as a natural deterrent. Finally, you can use an ant bait substance around the edge of the patio to kill any ants that try to enter.

-Patio pavers -Pesticide -Spray bottle -Water -Ants

  • Clean the pavers regularly with a broom and water to remove any food or debris that may attract ants
  • Spray an ant repellent such as vinegar or lemon juice on the pavers to keep ants away

1. Use a sealant – Applying a sealant to your patio pavers will help to keep ants out. The sealant will create a barrier that the ants cannot cross. 2. Use chalk – Another way to keep ants out of your patio pavers is by using chalk. Ants do not like the taste of chalk and will stay away from it. 3. Use vinegar – Another natural deterrent for ants is vinegar. Pour a little vinegar on a cloth

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ants Ruin Pavers?

Yes, ants can ruin pavers. They can eat away at the concrete or brick, leaving unsightly holes.

How Do I Keep Ants From Ruining My Pavers?

One way to keep ants from ruining your pavers is to use a pesticide. Another way is to install a physical barrier between the ants and the pavers, such as a layer of gravel.

Do Paver Patios Attract Ants?

There is no definitive answer, as ants are opportunistic creatures that will go where the food is. However, if paver patios are well-maintained and there is not an excessive amount of food debris or trash on or near them, they are unlikely to attract ants.


To keep ants out of patio pavers, one can use a variety of methods. One can use a natural or an artificial method. Some people use a strong-smelling substance, like vinegar or lemon juice, to deter ants from coming near the pavers. Others may use a commercial pesticide or an insecticidal soap.

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