How To Make A Well Cover

A well cover is a protective device that covers the opening of a well to prevent people and animals from falling in. Well covers are typically made from metal or plastic and can be customized to fit the specific dimensions of the well opening. They are often equipped with a locking mechanism to ensure that they remain securely in place. Well covers are an important safety feature and should be installed whenever a well is not in use.

How To Make A Well Cover

There are many ways to make a well cover. One way is to use a piece of plywood. Cut a piece of plywood that is the same size as the top of the well. Then, cut a hole in the middle of the plywood that is the same size as the top of the well. Cover the hole with a piece of metal flashing. This will keep water and debris from getting into the well. Another way to make a well cover is to use a piece of

-Tape measure -Plywood -Circular saw -Ruler or a straight edge -Stapler -Paint or a sealant -Hammer -Nails -Screws -Well cover

  • Remove the old cover from the well
  • Measure the diameter of the well opening and purchase a cover with a diameter that is at least 1″ larger
  • Choose a well cover that is appropriate for the size of the well opening

-What type of material do you want to use? -How big do you want it to be? -Do you want it to have a flap? -How will you attach the cover to the well?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Best To Cover A Well Pump?

A well pump is typically covered with a metal lid. This lid can be removed to allow access to the pump for inspection, cleaning, and repairs.

How Do I Cover Up My Well Water?

If you are concerned about the quality of your well water, you can cover it up with a waterproof tarp or liner. You can also buy a well cover to keep out debris and protect your water from the elements.

Should You Cover A Well Pump?

Yes, you should cover a well pump to protect it from the weather.


A well cover is important for keeping debris and animals out of the well, as well as keeping the water clean. Covers can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic or concrete. The cover should be weighted down to prevent it from being blown away, and it should fit tightly over the opening of the well.

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