How To Pair Isotunes Free

Isotunes are headphones that have been designed to be used with the Isotunes app. The app allows you to control the sound of your music, and also includes a number of features that are designed to improve your listening experience. The headphones can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device, and allow you to take calls and control your music without having to remove your phone from your pocket.

How To Pair Isotunes Free

There are many ways to pair isotunes free. One way is to use the NFC function on your smartphone. Simply hold your phone up to the speaker and they will automatically connect. If your phone does not have NFC, you can also use the Bluetooth function. Open your Bluetooth settings and scan for nearby devices. Once you have found the speaker, select it and they will automatically connect.

-iTunes software -Computer with internet access -Isotunes earbuds

  • Download and open the isotunes app
  • Under “pairing mode” tap “enabled” tap the “+
  • Tap “settings”
  • Tap the menu button in the top left corner

on how to use isotunes – How to Pair Isotunes: 1. Make sure your phone is Bluetooth enabled. 2. Make sure your phone is close to the Isotunes speaker. 3. Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone and find “Isotunes”. 4. Click on “Isotunes” and the speaker should automatically turn on and begin to search for your phone. 5. Once your

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset Isotunes?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the process for resetting ISOtunes may vary depending on the specific model of headphones you are using. However, in general, you can reset ISOtunes by following these steps: 1. Disconnect your headphones from any devices they are connected to. 2. Hold down the power button on the headphones for a few seconds until the LED light flashes red and blue. 3. Release the power button and press it again. This will put the headphones into reset mode. 4. Once the headphones have reset, reconnect them to any devices they are connected to and try using them again.

How Do I Check The Battery On My Isotunes?

To check the battery on your ISOtunes, you will need to unscrew the back of the earbuds. Once you have unscrewed it, you will be able to see the battery. The battery level can be checked by looking at the white bar located next to the battery.

How Do I Put Isotunes In Pairing Mode?

Pairing mode can be accessed by holding down the multi-function button on the left earbud for two seconds.


It is possible to pair isotunes free by opening the Bluetooth menu on your device and selecting “Add new device.” You should then hold the “isotunes” button on the earphones until the blue light starts flashing, at which point you can release the button and select “Pair.”

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