How To Pressure Test Pex With Air

To pressure test PEX tubing with air, you will need a compressor, some fittings, and some tubing. First, cut the tubing to the desired length and attach the fittings. Next, connect the compressor to one end of the tubing and turn it on. Finally, watch for any leaks and listen for any unusual noises. If there are any leaks or problems, fix them before using the tubing.

How To Pressure Test Pex With Air

PEX tubing can be pressure tested with air just like PVC piping. This is a quick and easy way to test for leaks in the tubing. You will need an air compressor and a pressure gauge. The first step is to blow out any water from the tubing. This can be done with a compressor or a blower. Once the tubing is clear, attach the pressure gauge to one end of the tubing. Turn on the compressor and increase the pressure until you reach the desired level

pressure gauge, air compressor, pex pipe, teflon tape, fittings

  • Turn on the air supply
  • Watch for any leaks in the pex pipe
  • Make sure that the area you will be testing is clear of people and pets
  • Connect the air supply to the pex pipe

1. Before pressure testing pex pipe, make sure the pipe is clean and free of debris. 2. Connect the air pump to the pex pipe and turn on the pump. 3. Increase the air pressure in the pump until the desired pressure is reached. 4. Hold the pressure for a few minutes to ensure that the pipe is properly sealed. 5. Turn off the air pump and disconnect it from the pex pipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Psi Should You Test Pex At?

Different PSI ratings are necessary for different types of PEX tubing. To ensure compatibility, it is important to test the PSI at which the tubing will be used.

How Do You Pressure Test Pex Radiant?

To pressure test PEX radiant tubing it is best to use a pressure tester with a gauge. Connect the gauge to one end of the tubing, and blow into the other end until you reach the desired pressure. Hold the pressure for at least 60 seconds. If there are no leaks, the pressure will remain stable.

Can You Test Pex Pipe With Air?

Yes, you can test PEX pipe with air. One way to do this is by using a pressure gauge to measure the pressure in the pipe.


To pressure test PEX with air, use a bicycle pump or air compressor to inflate the PEX until it is 2-3 times the working pressure. Hold the inflated PEX in one hand and use the other hand to feel for any leaks. If there are any leaks, they will be easy to find and fix.

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