How To Pump Water With A Shop Vac

There are many ways to pump water with a shop vac. One way is to use the vacuum hose to suck the water out of a container or pool. Another way is to use the crevice tool to suck the water out of a deep hole.

How To Pump Water With A Shop Vac

One way to pump water using a shop vac is to place the shop vac’s hose into the container of water and turn it on. The suction will cause the water to be drawn up into the hose and then expelled from the vacuum. Another way to use a shop vac to pump water is to place one end of the hose in the water and use the other end to suck on like you would a drinking straw. This will create a vacuum and draw the water up into the hose.

-A shop vac with a water attachment -Water

  • Turn on the faucet and place the other end of the hose in the container you want to
  • Open the shop vac and remove the cap from the suction end
  • Attach the appropriate size hose to the suction end

-The shop vac should be placed on a stable surface before use. -Make sure the water is not too hot before pumping. -The pump should be inserted into the water and turned on. -The vacuum cleaner hose should be placed over the top of the pump to create a seal. -The vacuum cleaner should be turned on and the pump will start to suck the water up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Remove The Filter When Using A Shop Vac For Water?

The filter should be removed when using a shop vac for water.

Can You Use A Shop Vac To Pump Water?

A shop vac can be used to pump water if it has a built-in water pump.

Can I Use My Shop Vac As A Water Pump?

Yes, a shop vac can be used as a water pump. It is not typically recommended for this purpose, as the pump may not be strong enough to move large amounts of water.


Pumping water with a shop vac is an easy and efficient way to move large quantities of water. By using the vacuum’s hose to direct the water into a holding container, the shop vac can quickly pump large amounts of water from one location to another.

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