How To Raise A Submersible Well Pump

A submersible well pump is a pump that sits at the bottom of a water well and draws water up through the well pipe. The pump is usually powered by an electric motor, which is either connected to the power grid or to a generator.

How To Raise A Submersible Well Pump

A submersible well pump is a device used to draw water from a water source, such as a well, and deliver it to a point higher than the pump. The pump is placed in a well casing or borehole and submerged in the water. It is connected to a pipe that delivers the water to the desired location. There are many factors to consider when raising a submersible well pump. One of the most important is the height differential between the pump and the

-A submersible well pump -A drill -A pipe cutter -A pipe wrench -Teflon tape -Pipe sealant

  • Determine the water needs of the property
  • Install casing and screens pump installation testing and start up
  • Drill a well
  • Determine the well depth and size

-Check the water level in the well before raising the pump. -Make sure the power is off to the pump before raising it. -Use a winch or come-along to slowly raise the pump. -If there is resistance, stop raising the pump and check for obstructions. -If there is no obstruction, continue raising the pump until it is out of the well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Submersible Well Pump Sit At Bottom Of Well?

The submersible well pump sits at the bottom of the well.

Where Does The Pump Sit In A Well?

A pump sits at the bottom of a well, typically. It pulls water up from the well and sends it to the surface.

Does A Submersible Pump Sit On The Bottom Of The Well?

A submersible pump sits on the bottom of the well and is connected to the tubing that goes up to the water surface.


A submersible well pump is a pump that is used to draw water from a well. It is important to keep the pump clean and free of debris in order to ensure efficient operation. In order to raise a submersible well pump, it is necessary to first determine the weight of the pump. Once the weight is known, a sturdy support system can be erected to hold the pump in place.

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