How To Remove Broken Shower Arm Thread

There may be times when you need to remove the shower arm from your shower head. Perhaps the threading has become stripped and the shower arm will no longer screw on or off. This can be a frustrating problem to fix, but it can be done. Here is a guide on how to remove a broken shower arm thread.

How To Remove Broken Shower Arm Thread

If the shower arm thread is broken, the shower arm will need to be replaced. The shower arm can be unscrewed by hand, but it may be tight and require some force. A wrench may be needed to remove the shower arm.

-a pipe wrench -a screwdriver -a hacksaw -new shower arm

  • Use a wrench to unscrew the shower arm from the wall
  • Take out the screw at the end of the shower arm pull out the old shower arm
  • Remove the shower head from the shower arm

-Remove shower arm from pipe -Thread tape around the pipe -Thread new shower arm onto pipe

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Unscrew A Broken Shower Head?

There are a few ways to unscrew a broken shower head. One way is to use a plumber’s wrench. Another way is to use a rubber band to attach a metal hanger to the shower head, and then twist the hanger.

How Do I Unscrew A Broken Shower Arm?

The shower arm is the pipe that comes out of the wall and connects to the shower head. If it’s broken, you’ll need to unscrew it from the shower head. Use a wrench to hold the shower head in place and turn the shower arm counter-clockwise to unscrew it.

How Do You Rethread A Shower Arm?

To rethread a shower arm, remove the old shower head and unscrew the shower arm from the pipe. Cut a new piece of PVC pipe to fit the length of the old shower arm, and glue it in place. Screw the new shower head onto the shower arm.

To Review

Removing a broken shower arm thread can be a challenging task. However, with the right tools and some patience, it can be done. First, use a wrench to loosen the shower arm nut. Then, use a hacksaw to cut through the broken shower arm thread. Finally, use needle-nose pliers to remove any remaining pieces of the shower arm thread.

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