How To Remove Sonotube From Concrete

Sonotubes are cylindrical concrete forms that are used to create round columns. The tubes are typically left in place after the concrete has cured, but sometimes they need to be removed for various reasons. This can be a difficult process and should be done by a professional.

How To Remove Sonotube From Concrete

There are several ways to remove sonotube from concrete. One way is to use a reciprocating saw fitted with a demolition blade. Cut around the circumference of the sonotube, then use a pry bar to pull it out. Another way is to use a chainsaw to cut the sonotube in half, then use a pry bar to pull it out.

-Sonotube -Concrete saw -Circular saw -Cordless drill -1 inch hole saw -Hammer -Chisel -Pry bar

  • Drill a hole in the center of the sonotube using an electric drill
  • Insert a demolition bar into the hole and pry the sonotube off of the concrete

-Clean the sonotube and the surrounding concrete with a degreaser. -Mix up a batch of concrete mortar. -Pack the mortar around the sonotube until it is completely covered. -Wait 24 hours for the mortar to harden. -Use a demolition saw to cut through the mortar and sonotube.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can You Remove Sonotube From Concrete?

The sonotube can be removed from the concrete after the concrete has cured.

Does Concrete Stick To Sonotube?

Concrete will stick to the sonotube if the surface is wet.

How Do You Remove Sonotube After Pouring Concrete?

Sonotube is a tube-like form that is often used to create concrete columns. After the concrete has been poured and the sonotube removed, the column is typically finished with a smooth concrete surface.

To Review

Sonotube can be easily removed from the concrete by using a reciprocating saw. The blade of the saw should be inserted into the tube and then vibration will help to break the bond between the tube and the concrete.

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