How To Shorten Split Rail Fence Rails

Split rail fences are a popular type of fence, because they are relatively easy and cheap to build. The rails of a split rail fence are typically made from two-inch thick pieces of wood, which can be difficult to handle and transport. One way to make the job easier is to shorten the rails. This can be done by using a handsaw or power saw to cut the rails to the desired length. If you are using a power saw, it is important to use a blade that

How To Shorten Split Rail Fence Rails

There are a few ways that you can shorten split rail fence rails. One way is to use a saw to cut the rail to the desired length. Another way is to use a hammer and chisel to split the rail in half and then shorten it to the desired length.

-Tape measure -Paint or a sealant -Hammer -Paintbrush -Saw

  • If needed, use a hammer to straighten the rail
  • Sand down any rough
  • Use a saw to cut the rail where it needs to be shortened
  • Take a look at the fence and decide where to shorten the rails

on ‘how to build a split rail fence -Consider the size of the rails. -Keep the rails as close to uniform in size as possible. -Cut the rails to the desired length. -Notch the ends of the rails so they fit together snugly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Cut A Fence Rail?

There are a few ways to cut a fence rail. One way is to use a hacksaw. Another way is to use a reciprocating saw.

How Far Apart Are Split Rail Fence Posts?

A split rail fence post is typically spaced around 3 feet apart, but this can vary depending on the height and width of the rails.

How Far Apart Should Fence Rails Be?

The rails of a fence should be spaced far enough apart that a person cannot fit between them, but close enough together that a animal cannot squeeze through.


It is possible to shorten split rail fence rails, but it is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. First, the rails must be cut to the desired length. Then, the ends must be trimmed and rounded using a saw or chisel. Finally, the ends must be sanded smooth.

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