How To Use A Shop Vac As A Pump

A shop vac can be used as a pump by attaching a hose to the exhaust and inserting the other end into a container that needs to be filled with liquid. The shop vac will then create a vacuum and suck the liquid up through the hose.

How To Use A Shop Vac As A Pump

Shop vacuums are not just for cleaning up workshop messes. They can also be used as pumps. A shop vacuum with a built-in water pump kit can be used to empty flooded areas or to move water from one place to another. The pump kit includes a water hose, a suction hose, and a set of adapters. To use the shop vacuum as a pump, first make sure that the vacuum is turned off. Connect the water hose to the water intake

– A shop vac with a hose attachment – A bucket – Water

  • Plug in the shop vac and turn it on
  • The water will be pumped from
  • Place the shop vac hose into the water to be pumped
  • Turn on the pump by flipping the switch on the side of the shop vac

-A shop vac can be used as a pump to move liquid from one place to another. -To use a shop vac as a pump, first connect the hose to the suction port and the other end to the discharge port. -Turn on the shop vac and adjust the suction and discharge valves to create the desired flow rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A Shop Vac Like A Water Pump?

Yes, you can use a shop vac like a water pump. You will need to drill a hole in the end of the vacuum hose and attach a fitting that will allow you to connect a garden hose. When you are ready to pump the water, simply turn on the vacuum and hold the garden hose against the object that you are trying to pump the water out of.

How Do I Use My Ridgid Shop Vac As A Water Pump?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people may be able to use their Ridgid shop vac as a water pump simply by attaching a hose and turning it on, while others may need to purchase an adapter in order to make the connection.

How Do You Make A Shop Vac Pump?

To make a shop vac pump, you will need a shop vac and a PVC pipe. Cut the PVC pipe to the desired length and fit it onto the shop vac. The end of the PVC pipe should be larger than the opening of the shop vac so that it fits snugly.


A shop vacuum can be used as a pump to move liquids and other materials such as solids. The suction from the vacuum cleaner will pull the material through the hose and into the receptacle.

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