How To Use Clobber

Clobber is a Unix command line utility that allows you to overwrite files with the same name. It is useful for situations in which you want to replace a file with a new version, or when you want to delete a file and make sure that no old version of the file remains on your system.

How To Use Clobber

Clobber is a Unix command that deletes a file and replaces it with an empty file of the same name.

-a computer -internet connection -a text editor

  • Click on the “clobber” button
  • Select the files you want to merge
  • Open the clobber application
  • A new file will be created containing the contents of the original files

– Clobber can be used to overwrite files that already exist in a destination directory. – Clobber can also be used to delete files that exist in a destination directory. – If clobber is not specified, then the file will not be overwritten or deleted if it already exists in the destination directory.

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In Summary

When using clobber, always make sure that the target file is not in use by another application. This command can overwrite a file without warning, so be very careful when using it.

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